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So, this little piggie walks into a bar...

What do you get when you combine the smoky flavor of Niman Ranch bacon with the sweet crunch of pecans, and the bold and spicy warmth of America's finest bourbon? You get bacon brittle crack. That's what you get. Bacon brittle crack that's so addicting, you'll have to go to confession just to cleanse yourself of all the filthy, sybaritic lust you just can't shake off. It'll have you going wee, wee, wee, all the way home.

Ships 5-7 days after order is placed. Valentine's Day deadline is February 8th!

INGREDIENTS: Pure cane sugar, butter, Bulleit Bourbon™ reduction, toasted pecans, candied bacon (Niman Ranch nitrate-free), sugar syrup (cane sugar, filtered water, cream of tartar, sea salt), organic vanilla extract baking soda, Fleur de sel

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