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An irresistibly seductive puff that'll have your face flushed, your heart pounding, and your breath hot and heavy...just like when you take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Our spin on the classic Southern treat! A double-layered whammy of ripe Georgia peaches and Amarula Cream Liqueur, an insanely popular drink in South Africa made with sugar, cream, and the fruit of the marula tree (yup, the one that elephants get tipsy on). Fruity caramel tones meets sweet, juicy peaches - an erotic combination that has us positively glowing.

Ships 3-5 days after order is placed. (1 or 1/2 dozen approximately 1.25 x 1.25 x 1 handcut squares).

INGREDIENTS: Pure cane sugar, sugar syrup (cane sugar, filtered water, cream of tartar, sea salt), peaches, gelatin, Amarula Cream Liqueur™ reduction, Bourbon vanilla bean, filtered water, Fleur de sel, confectioner's sugar, potato starch

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